Pop Quiz: Test yourself on this week’s K-12 news

How well did you keep up with this week’s developments in K-12 education? To find out, take our five-question quiz below. Then, share your score by tagging us on social media with #K12DivePopQuiz.


The most popular app used weekly among 4th-12th grade students, according to a survey from The Social Institute, is:

  • Google
  • Instagram
  • Email
  • YouTube

Multiple statewide surveys and reports analyzing teacher shortages in Colorado, South Dakota and Minnesota indicate there are signs of ________.

  • Improvement in school staffing
  • Fully staffed schools
  • Worsening vacancies
  • Little change

How did the College Board revise the framework for the AP African American Studies, which had drawn controversy after the Florida Department of Education rejected the course in January?

  • It removed Black Queer studies.
  • It added "Black Identities" and "Black Lives Today."
  • It added requirements to teach about reparations and intersectionality.
  • It removed “Black Women’s Voices in Society and Leadership.”

The FBI recently thwarted _________, which has targeted school districts globally.

  • A hacker group known as Vice Society
  • A ransomware network known as Hive
  • A terrorist organization that called 911 with fake threats against schools
  • A terrorist organization that made fake threats against schools on social media

The Federal Trade Commission ordered which ed tech company to tighten its data security and delete unnecessary data?

  • Illuminate
  • Duolingo
  • Chegg
  • Panorama Education


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