About Us

We create an environment for learning where kids can collaborate, create, and communicate regardless of their geographical area.

Chalk and Talk

From the chalk and talk system which is less interactive, to the interactive classroom .

What we did

We introduced to classrooms the Learn, Interact, Do, (LID) formula. This makes it possible for students to Learn with ease, Interact with their peers and Do immediately what they have learnt.

We Understand

All Student are unique each has a different style of learning but with limited time and resources, it’s a challenge to treat students as individuals or cater to their varied needs. Through our LID approach, this challenge is taken care of.


We pair educational contents with technology to make learning interactive and easy to retain, We equip students and educators with everything they need to make learning and content delivery payoff.

Advisory Board

Prof. Pat Utomi

Founder, Center for Values in Leadership, Nigeria

Chief Anthony Anyiam-Osigwe

Anyiam Osigwe Foundation, Nigeria