Nigerian-Canadian educationist restates call for students loan

Senior Research Associate at the University of Calgary, Dr. Kingsley Ibhazehiebo has called on the Federal Government to make provision for students loan. He said such a move would reduce the number of out-of-school children and drop-outs in the society.

Ibhazehiebo, a Nigerian-Canadian, said it is not everyone that can afford to pay tuition through university.

In a virtual interview with The Guardian, Ibhazehiebo who has lived in Canada for over 10 years said the Canadian government provides loans through the big banks, with low interest rates.

He said: “There are brilliant students in Nigeria who got admission to universities but could not go because they don’t have the finance so, there should be a way to get these students to school. The government of Nigeria, through the ministry of education and other relevant ministries should create students loan because the young ones who are supposed to be in school are roaming the streets because their parents could not afford their tuition and upkeep. Such persons must not be put at a disadvantage because of finances.
On what aspiring students considering studying in Canada should know, Ibhazehiebo said: “When it comes to schooling in Canada, it is important that an applicant consider his or her age, Cumulative Grade Point (CGP), career progression, requirements and schools offering the programme, province best suited, in addition to meeting both academic and non-academic requirements.
Speaking on why many get their applications declined, Ibhazehiebo said one of the reasons prospective students don’t get admission is because they don’t meet academic requirements. 

The Team lead of DRK Educonsult, who specialises in school application services to those migrating abroad said: “Many can’t generate sufficient, available and accessible proof of funds; if a person’s course of interest is available in his own country, then he must be able to prove beyond doubt why a study visa should be granted.

“The minimum fund a person must have is a year tuition fee, one year upkeep, other miscellaneous, including flight ticket and others.”


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