Nigeria LNG (NLNG) Prize for Science

In accordance with its mission to help build a better Nigeria, Nigeria LNG (NLNG) Limited is accepting entries for The Nigeria Prize for Science. This yearly prize for science is endowed by Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG) to recognise excellent scientific achievements by Nigerians and non-Nigerians equally for developing scientific solutions to challenges plaguing Nigeria, as expressed by the theme of the year. The winner(s) would receive a hundred thousand dollar ($100,000.00) prize.

Themes for which the Prize has been recently awarded include Innovations in Malaria Control (2017); Innovations in Energy for Stable Power Supply (2018); Climate Change: Erosion, Drought and Desertification (2019) and Innovations in Sustainable Food Security (2022).

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NLNG Prize for Science Theme & Scope

THEME: The theme for the 2023 competition is: Innovation for Enhancement of Healthcare Therapy.


  • Cure or protocols for effective management of specific/particular health challenges.
  • Technologies/Protocols for effective management of healthcare therapy.
  • Processes for managing major outbreaks/pandemics.

The Nigeria Prize for Science Eligibility

  • The award is open to scientists an innovators worldwide (Nigerians and non-Nigerians) involved in the application of science to proffer innovations for enhancement of healthcare therapy.
  • Members of the Advisory Board or Panel of Judges or their relatives are not allowed to enter their works for the Science Prize during their year of service as well as the following year.
  • Nigeria LNG staff or their family members are ineligible to enter for the prize.

How To Enter The NLNG Prize for Science

  • All applicants must complete and submit their entries onine via
  • As the intention is to recognise the most relevant and effective solution to a prescribed problem for which Nigeria benefits, works of collaboration by two or more persons are also welcome.
  • Only one entry per contestant(s) is permitted per compettion year.
  • Entries not submitted by the stated deadline and according to stated conditions shall not be considered.
  • The prize will be awarded for no other reason than excellence.

Application Form  Official Link

All entries must be received by midnight GMT 30th April 2023. Late entries will not be considered.

Winner(s), if any, will be announced to the public in September 2023 and presented in October 2023.

For further information, visit the Prizes’ website, and NLNG website,

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