Engineers indispensable agents of sustainable development – University Don

The need for mechanical engineers to assert and play their role as agents of sustainable development has been emphasized to ensure economic growth and industrial prosperity.

An academic and mechanical engineer, Dr. Abayomi Olorunisola, made the recommendation and posited that the relevance and role of mechanical engineers towards the realization of sustainable development cannot be over-emphasized.

Olorunisola, made the remarks while delivering the 26th Prof. E.K. Obiakor Inaugural lecture series at the Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti titled: “Achieving Sustainable Development: The Role of Mechanical Engineers”

The Don raised the critical need for mechanical engineers to be involved in the economic and industrial development plan of every country.

Dr. Olorunisola, “inferred that Singapore’s success can be attributed to 70 percent of its cabinet members being engineers and maintained that engineers always have a positive impact on government planning”

The lecturer described mechanical engineers as professionals and technocrats, whose ingenious expertise, innovative dexterity, creative acumen and practical experience will help secure the economic destiny and engender the industrial development of their country.

Dr. Olorunisola posited that “as a way of achieving a sustainable development, mechanical engineering curriculum needs to be revised and updated to be able to cope with the future challenges as well as imbue future engineers with innovative skills that will make them problem-solving”


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