ASUU warns Nigerians against voting for corrupt politicians

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has issued a statement ahead of the upcoming Nigerian presidential and National Assembly elections, urging eligible voters to carefully consider the candidates they choose to support. ASUU has also warned against voting for corrupt politicians, stressing the need for a change in the country’s political and socio-economic landscape.

In the statement released by ASUU’s National President, Emmanuel Osodeke, the union expressed its concern that the resources of the country are often controlled by a small group of political elites, leaving many Nigerians impoverished and struggling with existential challenges. The union called for a reorganization of the political and economic systems in Nigeria for the benefit of all citizens.

ASUU also criticized the naira policy of the country’s apex bank, stating that it has made business conditions difficult for many Nigerians. The union called for focused leadership that can restore order and provide relief to the country’s struggling citizens.

In light of these challenges, ASUU urged eligible voters to carefully scrutinize the profiles and antecedents of candidates from various political parties before casting their votes. The union’s statement reflects a deep concern for the well-being of Nigerians and a commitment to promoting positive change in the country’s political and economic systems.

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