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Digital Citizenship Institute

Balancing Competencies Series

Education is beyond academics, it’s about the total well-being of the student/learner as well as the intentional approach of the educator. One of the pillars of quality education (SDGs4) is the emotional, behavioral, and cognitive development of the learner.

Balancing Competencies Series for Educators focuses on equipping educators with the skill set of consciousness of their emotional well-being and its impact on the learners.

21st Century Educators:

This 21st Century Educators program focuses on helping educators navigate the transition from the talk-n-chalk model to the interactive learning pathway.


  • Increased student engagement.
  • Efficient use of technological tools and resources.
  • Students have more autonomy over their learning

Creative Science Workshop:

Our Creative Science workshops equip educators with skills on how to engage students with science and support them in understanding the world around them.We adopt an Inquiry-based teaching approach that encourages active learning via the use of questions, problems, and scenarios in bringing science concepts home to the learners.


  • Rather than memorising facts and taking notes, students are encouraged to discuss concepts with their peers, which improves comprehension.
  • Students are put forward in the learning process.
  • Science concepts are made hands-on, thus easy to internalise.