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Fliplearn Kids LMS

Our Interactive learning deployment focuses on meeting the learning/educational needs of the millennial/iGeneration learners who have natural flair for digital devices (tablets, computers etc). This involves eLearning deployment and access through use of digital devices in the classroom. Our focus is to make learning interactive and easy to internalize, through integration of eLearning platforms/tools. We also monitor the transition process for students and teachers, in other to ensure positive adoption and outcome. Our eLearning contents have been put together from accredited learning resources and in partnership with international and local educational organizations.


Virtual Reality Demo for Schools

As kids are always intrigued by colours, shapes and sounds and always have a way of exploring things by playing with or using them, we are leveraging on these basic principles of learning to produce excitement, convincing and memorable results. With immersive multimedia quality, there is a higher potential of enhancing the kids learning process. Virtual reality environment can be interesting and similar to the real world creating a lifelike and sensory experience. You can schedule a demo for your school by clicking the link below and we will get you all set up.

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Creative Writing with the Night Zookeeper

No one is more creative than children. They can turn a cloud into a dragon, an old box into a castle, a dried leaf into a pirate ship. They are constantly stretching their imagination, Together with our international creative writing partner, Night Zookeeper-United Kingdom, we will work with your students in the area of nurturing their creativity and writing skills. This will be done using our Night Zookeeper Online Platform. This platform is ranked amongst top creative platforms for engaging kids in creative writing.

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Professional Skills Development for Educators

With technology being just a tool and playing a very big role in the kids learning experience, the teachers are also major players in motivating the kids and getting them to work collectively. Our trainings are aimed at improving classroom learning experience and skills of teachers through our training programme. Our training programme focuses on the role of the 21st Century teachers and their understanding of the iGeneration, in addition, they are exposed to different technological tools for learning individualization and content delivery.

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EdTech Conferences

FliplearnCon is a dynamic conference organized to explore various depth in the educational system and harness 21st Century models in our learning experience. In this annual event, school owners, stakeholders and internationally reputable educators gather to discuss emerging trends and technology with the aim of making impact in our educational system.

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