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  • The interactive learning programme was indeed a worthwhile experience. It actually opened my eyes to a lot of valuable resources out there, waiting patiently to be explored. I successfully transited from a teacher centered style to learners centered approach. The educative videos and power point presentations simplified teaching and learning for us in Montessori level 1 class. It made abstract and tasking topics more realistic and .
    Mrs Obiora
    Level one class teacher
  • Thanks so much to the Fliplearn kids team. The training on the "21st Century teacher - foundation of blended learning" really motivated me to change my approach to teaching. I can honestly say that putting the ideas, techniques (flipped model/interactive learning) into practice made me feel more confident. It has also helped me to get feedback from my pupils and allow me figure out new styles, which i'm finally comfortable with. I believe the hours spent will be repaid many times over. I can recommend this training for any teacher.
    Miss Alero Florence
    Level two class teacher
  • Interactive/Blended learning has really increased pupils learning interest. The flexibility in interactive learning gives opportunity to pupils with different learning style to fit in, enjoy and benefit from a 45 minute lesson. I used the online instructional materials (videos) for my lesson. It provided meaningful information and visuals that is appealing to pupils to improve their listening skills, participation, as well as challenge them them to think and provide feedback from ongoing assessment. Its a welcomed teaching style for me because; It's aimed at achieving sustainable transformation.

    Miss Stella
    Grade one class teacher

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